Boys and Girls' Soccer/Football/Futsal/Circle/Boys and girls' group/Tokyo/Edogawa Ward | Free-for-all


Boys,Girls,Soccer,Football,Futsal,Edogawa Ward, Elementary/Junior school students/schoolers,Team,Circle,Mizue,Free for all,Free of charge

Founding: June 1, 2014


In June 2014, this club founder started planning early morning futsal (and mini soccer) for neighboring children and tried to continue holding the sports event as monthly activity including their parents.


The following year in April 2015, friends from another schools and their parents joined through the connection of founder's old friends.


In March 2016, new children from club teams, boy's groups, or soccer/futsal schools and their parents joined through the connection of the constituted members.


In the third year 2017, other schools, teams and junior high school students have come to participate and this club activity has become very vibrant. Also in January 2017 we began to try to incorporate some practice into activities.


In 2018, following the basic concept of this club activity, we started preliminary preparations (school opening, dispatch referee work) as trial purpose to advance to a further development of this activity.


The following year in 2019, junior high school students who had become more advanced and their fathers who had experience as instructors joined together, and the level of the entire activity was significantly enhanced.

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